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Monday, February 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday: February 21

From Evernote:

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
  • Random. I'm good at this. When I least expect it. And when it is most annoying stimulating to others. But when it is demanded of me, my mind draws a blank. A boring blank. This is a most common and unfortunate occurrence. But let me proceed...
  • Its raining today. For the first time in a while. In fact, its been rather sunny lately, though very windy. Ah, you know those moments when there's nothing to talk about so you talk about the weather? This is not one of them.
February Sunrise
  • I love making soup. Its so nostalgic and yummy. And fun. I also like making Shepherds pie. And mashed potatoes. Which go in the Shepherds pie. Moving on...
  • There was no school today it being presidents day and all, and I meant to spend it productively but time just flies too fast and some things take too long. But, that's life. You do what you're meant to do if you're at least trying your best. 
  • I've been so neglectful of my observations on becoming but I'm enjoying posting some different, lighter material. As well as creating some different, lighter material in Photoshop.
  • Comments are awesome. I try to comment when a post has touched or inspired me, because I think all passionate writers need to know that people are reading their thoughts. But with Google not working on my computer, I have to use my lil iPod so commenting is minimum. Anyway, I want to thank my readers for their comments if I haven't replied on your blog. :) 
  • Every time I think of my graduation project and the deadline I get this nervous, faint feeling in my throat. It's due mid-March (a five page paper on the connection between photography and words-a bit of the history and development of art in there), and I've been so unexpectedly and unpredictably busy lately. But b'ezrat HaShem I'll whip it up. 

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  1. Good luck on your project, I know you'll get it done in time and it will be fab~! :D

  2. Nice photo work! :) And I agree, comments are awesome! Hope you're able to find the time to work on your graduation product!


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