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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Observations on Becoming~Feb.27

It's almost March. Life has been so engaging. Yet in a way I haven't been here lately -in my life,in my self,in my home. I've been in my dreams,in my imagination,in my hopes,prayers, and desires.
I want to grasp all the G-d given opportunities to become what He has destined me to be.
I want to use my observations to gain knowledge on how to better love myself and others.
I want to live with every moment and every fiber. In this world, in my world, in His world.
I want to travel. I want to be close to the preserved,authentic, beautiful parts of nature. I want to touch,to feel,to see,to experience. Everywhere. Nowhere. Somewhere.
Most of all, I want to live my desires everyday-cease to dream and wonder and wish for them but experience them.

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