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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Life. is. Sweet. on. March.First

Life Is Sweet

  • There are some things that just pop in your life and add a bit of sweetness in it. Like learning to sew with my grandmother, who is an excellent seamstress.
My Grandmother is a Seamstress

  • Sweetness can also be found in long sunny walk...
  • In best friends who are always there, always encouraging, edifying, comforting, and other marvelous adjectives that don't come to mind because my feelings are too deep and indescribable. 
  • Reading (or rather, in this case, listening to) a book that you so enjoy for many days and want to read it again the instant you're done.North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell was lovely.  Good thing there's a movie adaptation  which I'll be watching sometime this weekend...
  • Coming across a movie or a moment that you're surprised pleased you so much.
  • Sweet little pleasures that you don't get to as often as you'd like...
Lovely and Ethereal Piano

  • Getting to bed early, waking up early, yet still not having enough time in a day to do all that must be done. But maturing enough to understand that though its incredibly frustrating at times, that's life. And it's sweet.

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