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Saturday, January 30, 2010

OMG!!!!!!! (Oh, my goodness)

Well, how do I put this? Many of you will remember my recent post, called Some Desires.

"Second, I want this. So badly, I have considered working in a public place *almost barfs*, and would go to many means to have it.
And the worst thing is that it not only something I want, it is something I need. For my business, my pleasure- and right now, my sanity. I LOVE taking photos, I love it. And to be able to take crisp, clear, and better ones so easily- is something I can hardly imagine."
"Something I can hardly imagine"... but am now realizing. Yes, its true. My Daddy bought me a Nikon D70. A Nikon D70 . A Nikon D70. A professional, expensive, reliable camera that enables to me to take crisp clear and better photos. Remember how I said that I was "Touched to Tears" at the thought that G-d knows everything, and He knew what was going to happen. And He knew this surprise was coming. Abba, I want to thank You for your blessings and goodness!

I cried when the realization hit me that I actually had a camera. Now I could do photo shoots without doubt in my camera capabilities. How comforting! Of course, here is a photo, taken with my old camera.

I am so excited. I was trying not to be anxious to read the manual during Shabbat, because I got it early on Friday while I was busy preparing for Shabbat. Here are some photos from it.

What do you think? I can't wait to share this "better photo taking " journey with you- on my photography blog , of course. ;)

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  1. WOW Congrats! Have fun with it!


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